Why Parks and Rec is Literally the Best Show Ever


In Chris Pratt’s own words, “Parks and Recreation is a thoughtful, optimistic, progressive comedy.” And it truly is.

1. There is no laugh track. That’s right. Parks and Rec is funny on its own. 

2. The running gag on Jerry is universally hilarious and merciless. In fact, everyone at some point or another knows a Jerry, someone who fails hopelessly at every single thing.

3. The fact that the aforementioned trope actually extends into real life makes life so, so much better. (x) (x)

4. Andy’s band, Mouse Rat, has an actual website that lets you download their songs for free. Yes, if you want to have 5000 Candles in the Wind or The Pit in your iTunes library, you definitely can.

5. Incidentally, Ron Swanson also has a website (on grilling. No surprise there). And Rent-A-Swag, too.

6. The show boldly and wonderfully advocates feminism, which parallels Amy Poehler’s real-life feminism in her web series Smart Girls at the Party.

7. First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator John McCain have been guest stars on the show.

8. ‘Treat yo self’ is probably most definitely the best creation of the show.

9. Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, has the most contagious giggle. You will never grow tired of hearing it.

10. The juxtaposition of Andy and April is marvelous. You identify with one or the other. Oh, and they have a website dedicated to their wedding, too.

11. Donna Meagle, an employee of the Parks and Rec department, is a true inspiration to all. She’s the man-eating, self-actualized woman we’d all like to be someday.

12. Comedy aside, the show offers sage words of advice that should console any quarter-life crisis stricken college students.

13. All six seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix.

The last season of Parks and Rec started airing in mid-January of this year, and the last episodes will air on February 24. While it will be hard to see the show end, it has most certainly captured viewers’ hearts.

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