The zombie apocalypse is nigh. This calls for a cool head, quick reflexes, and the requisite knowledge to endure. Luckily, in honor of Halloween, the Prism staff now generously offers you, gentle reader and probable survivor, a guide to survival in the event of civilization’s ultimate worst-case scenario (ZOMBIES).

  1. Go to Costco for supplies. Even if the zombies infiltrate the premises, you will still have time to devour hearty samplings of all Costco’s edible wares before the inevitable.
  2. Alternately, go to the supermarket and get a cardboard box (maybe a commonplace brand, such as a Brawny paper towel box.) In the safety of your own home, fill this box with six liters of pineapple Fanta, a shovel, and scalene triangles of construction paper. When the time comes, retrieve your box and scamper to the nearest piece of land. Dig a hole big enough to fit yourself in, drink all the Fanta, and climb into your subterranean safety nest. Cover yourself with dirt, and poke the construction paper halfway into the surface, mimicking a pineapple’s leafy top hat. As the zombies arrive, all they will smell are your scented carbonated emissions. You are a pineapple. You win.
  3. Accumulate lots of weapons and learn how to use them. Remember that it’s every man or woman for his or herself, so show NO mercy; you don’t have to be the fastest, you just have to be faster than the slowest one. Another respected method in the field is simply to become a superhero. Emulate Spiderman and jump into a vat of radioactive waste, or perhaps build an Iron Man suit with your millions. Both are sufficient.
  4. Nonetheless, in the event of an altercation, do not neglect to use the weapons at hand. Throw your entire library (we know you have one, fellow nerd) at the ascending horde. Or, if you are inclined to follow trends, channel Legolas or Katniss Everdeen (or Hawkeye or Robin Hood or…) and implement modern cinema’s weapon of choice.
  5. Cultivate your cultural knowledge. Educate yourself through as many movies/shows as you can, these being Zombieland, The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, and Shaun of the Dead. After learning the basic survival principles, you have to get some experience through playing Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies. Now that you’ve got some headshots under your belt, go to a state like Texas where gun laws are essentially non-existent and collect a weapons stash that would make Rambo jealous. Finally, now that you’re an expert marksman and currently packing heat, you’re ready to go to your perch atop Century Tower and pick the zombies off one by one.
  6. When selecting your cohort of allies, remember that the caliber of any given zombie apocalypse team makes the difference between life and death. Therefore, do not pick your top five team members based on affection alone; they may just bring you down. Only take the strong, the quick, and the smart with you into the fray.

Remember, as Professor Mad-Eye Moody would say, “Constant Vigilance!”

DIY Halloween Costumes - final

Now that we’ve met your hypothetical, disaster scenario-based needs, Prism turns to more practical concerns. Still lacking a Halloween costume? Prism provides an inspirational DIY Guide, complied by Rachel Gordon, featuring six models donning garments of their own creation, in order to inspire you to new (and rapidly ascending) last-minute costume heights!

What is your advice for people who are trying to make their own costume for Halloween?

Zygimante Andrijauskaite (Barbie): Making a costume is all about creativity. Pick a pretty obvious and simple costume that doesn’t require elaborate pieces, and try to borrow what you can from friends and roommates. You’ll be surprised what people have laying around!

What did you decide to dress up as this year?

Liz Waskover (doll): As a college student in a budget, I had to throw my Halloween costume together, and what’s better than being all dolled up so I went as a doll!

What did you do this year to make your costume?

Ashley Brooks (beanie baby): Making a DIY costume can be fun and inexpensive. I raided my closet then crafted a sign with two folders from the bookstore. Creating the cat eye from a tutorial online with my makeup was the most fun part.

What is your advice for DIY Halloween costumes?

Caela Granger (G.I. Jane): Have fun with it because it’s like living out whatever fantasy of what you want to be! But keep it comfortable.

What did you think of making your own costume, and how did you come up with the idea?

Haley Dunham (webkinz): It was fun making my costume and I love halloween. I came up with the idea on my own because I loved webkinz when I was little and I thought it would be cute.